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Google Search Engine Optimization – Tips to get ranked tops on Google

Have you ever wondered how to get ranked as number one on google?


I have too. In my attempts to optimize my articles and websites I found out that manual effort will never beat a good search engine ranking tool. Once I realized that with the right website optimization software I could finally dominate google, I set out to find the best one. As many know, SEO is a tough game and one little mistake in optimization will diminish your efforts at once, thus only the best search engine ranking tool will do. In this article I will describe what makes good website optimization software as well as talk about the process of optimization. If you are not interested in hearing about the process behind SEO just skip to the end of this article where I’ll recommend some tools to you.


A quick look at SEO


I am by no means a “guru”, neither by the way do I believe that the “guru” title gives you any authority or a deeper understanding. I believe that with the right website optimization software and with a sound understanding of the SEO process anybody can be a so called “guru”.

Anyhow, what exactly constitutes a good google ranking? There are several components to google domination (and a good search engine ranking tool must take advantage of all at the same time. But more on that later). First of all we must establish a differentiation between internal and external SEO. Internal SEO is the process of optimizing your website content and external SEO is the process of gaining relevant backlinks to your site.

You optimize your website internally by finding relevant keywords with low competition, writing your articles in a specific, optimized way and building relevant internal links. You optimize you website externally, by finding relevant, high ranking websites on your niche and gaining backinks from them.

A word on internal or on-page optimization. Is it still important? Do you have to be a guru to excel at it? It is still important yeah, but if you have a wordpress site you don’t have to worry about it at all. Just keep writing relevant material, with a keyword density of about 2% and you will be in the clear in terms of internal SEO.

Now, external optimization is the big one!

The best search engine ranking tool [part II]

The components of good website optimization software

So what exactly defines a good search engine ranking tool? Here are some points to help you identify the best website optimization software:

Good website optimization software is fully automated.

This is actually an overlooked aspect. You don’t want to spend countless hours looking up your competition, search for relevant sites in your niche, etc… A good search engine ranking tool must be capable of a completely automated process. In other words, you enter your definitions and the website optimization software starts working, later delivering relevant results.

Finding relevant sites with a good PR (page rank).

This is of course the main purpose behind any search engine ranking tool. It must be capable of finding relevant, high ranking websites by crawling the internet. Since google will evaluate your site (internal SEO apart) based on how many relevant, high ranking pages link back to it, a good search engine ranking tool will be able to find these pages.

Good website optimization software is able to analyze my competitors.

This is also very important as it will help you find your main competitors as well as find out what they are doing. A great search engine ranking tool will be able to tell you the number of backlinks of your competition as well as where those backlinks are coming from.

Capable of detailed analysis.

This is quite overlooked too. Your website optimization software must be capable of performing specific search requests. Such as searching by domain name ending (e.g. only .com sites), or searching google locally (e.g. you are living in Italy and want to limit your search to google Italy)

The best search engine ranking tool [part III]

My recommendation

I can honestly recommend Page Prowler over here. I believe it performs really well and can help you achieve a #1 position on google in a matter of days. It is completely automated and very well documented. The author provides comprehensive videos to help you learn how to operate this search engine ranking tool in a matter of hours. You will be able to spy on your competition, find relevant backlinks, estimate the worth of existing backlinks (thus determining the ones that actually hurt you), is able to gather all kinds of information (from email addresses to “whois records”) and much, much more with this website optimization software.

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